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Software Compared to Consciousness

If you look at the human body as a machine, then the mind is the software that helps it to function properly. That’s why a healthy body starts with a healthy mind. You could have the best computer in the world but if the software is old and outdated then you might as well have an old and outdated computer.

This concept is important for understanding why racism still exists in the world. People are functioning on outdated software. Your consciousness, without the hardware to hold it in place, may or may not still exist. That’s a talk for a different day. And it’s not like you install updates in your consciousness whenever it’s outdated. We’re not like computers in the sense that we can receive automatic updates. If that was the case, then racism would’ve ended a long time ago.

However, we are similar to computers if they have automatic updates turned off (like I do). This is because in order to update our way of thinking we have to do it intentionally or by some kind of reaction to an external event. For example, if you’re computer gets a virus you might have to wipe it clean. Likewise, if we get sick and have to stay home, we might get a chance to reflect on things. Or if we take a holiday we might be updated by the time we get back to work.

I love talking about this subject because there’s so much to explore. If you enjoyed this talk, then check back to sm-soft.org in the future. We’d love to have you back.