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Listening to the Same Music Every Day


When I’m developing software I like to listen to music. The only problem is I’ve been listening to the same music playlist for 4 years. But I’m not the only one, and the problem isn’t that bad honestly. I wanted to write this post in case anyone else out there is wondering if it’s strange to listen to the same music every day. I think a lot of people have a favorite playlist, but if a neighbor heard you playing the same songs every darn day then they might start you judge you. Not that we should change just because someone judges us, but I understand their perspective. It’s odd to play the same songs every day, I mean every single day!

So if you’re like me and do the same thing, this should make you feel better. I have no intention of changing my playlist any time soon and if you love your music then you shouldn’t feel pressured to change your playlist unless you want to. And we’re not the only ones, too. There are many of us, and I’ve met some of them. In my favorite Subway, a sandwich artist I’ve gotten to know works weekends only, and every time I go in there he has the same music on. He says he wouldn’t work there if he wasn’t allowed to play his own music, and his manager respects that.

Another person I know who listens to the same music everyday is a tow truck driver in Red Deer, Alberta. He’s an awesome dude, and listens to the same reggae mixtape. I always call his cell for a personal tow truck service even though he works for a legit towing Red Deer company because I know there will be good music while he services my vehicle. The same goes for my favorite corner store and the janitor in my building. We all do it, so don’t feel ashamed if you listen to the same music every day too.

My playlist pumps me up and gets me going, and other music doesn’t do that. It’s taken a life time to make my playlist and I may never change it for decades.

If you still think there’s not enough of us, here’s a list of all the other people I know who listen to the same music every day:

  1. My dentist’s secretary
  2. My old history teacher
  3. My old soccer coach
  4. This guy I did some programming with a while back
  5. A dude I met on a software forum

If you have a playlist you want to share with us, we’d love to check it out. Respect!